Hai sa radem…

Super-tare! Dictionar de…profanari ca sa zic asa scris in limba engleza despre limba romana.

6 răspunsuri

  1. Interesant. Dar totuşi, obscen.

  2. Obscen, dar…necesar?

  3. ce crezi ca-ti doresc eu tie azi?

    sa ai ce-ti lipseste si are rost, sa primesti ceea ce meriti, sa simti mereu ca ai de unde da!

  4. Ideal e sa ai exact cat iti lipseste 🙂

  5. Most young people see nothing wrong in being addressed in this manner whilst older people might be offended.

    yo, is tanar si ma simt ofensat!

  6. Profanities related to anatomy

    The male anatomy
    As in English, there is a huge number of words that can refer to the penis and testicles. Also as in English, most of these words have other literal meanings. One example used in both English and Romanian is "tool," which in Romanian is sculă. Pulă, which is the Romanian equivalent of "dick", is the most common slang term for the penis. (It is frequently used in the expression "ce pula mea", the Romanian equivalent of "what the fuck".) As with slang terms for the penis in other Romance languages, including Spanish, Catalan and Italian, pulă is derived from the Latin word pulla. A "softer" version of pulă is puţă, which is roughly equivalent to "wiener" in English. Puţă usually refers to: the penis of a child, a penis that has yet to reach puberty, or a very small penis.

    Other words that refer specifically to the penis include: cocoş (cock), cocoşel (little cock), puţulică (little puţă).
    Some words that refer to the penis with other literal meanings include: sculă (tool), miel (lamb), şarpe (snake).
    The most common slang word for the testicles is coaie (which in the singular form is coi), derived from Latin cōleus or cōleī. As in some Spanish-speaking countries, in which a young male friend can be addressed as "boludos", coaie can also be used as a means of addressing someone (especially a young man, but never a girl or woman) in a manner roughly equivalent to using "dude" or "mate" in English. For example "Salut, coaie, ce faci?" means "Hi, balls, how are you doing?". Most young people see nothing wrong in being addressed in this manner whilst older people might be offended.

    de ce oare trebuie sa se numeasca "profanitatzi"?!…
    cat de profan poti fi in astfel de kestii????

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