Sit and wonder

I sit and wonder now and then
Why people are all the same,
Why do they mess up with my feelings,
Why do they make me feel ashame?
What’s wrong with you people,
Can’t you have a life of your own,
Can’t you see yourself in the mirror?
I just want to be left alone!
You’re all copies to me,
You’re nothing but empty buckets for me
You can’t surprise me
It’s hard for you to do that for me,
Can’t you see?
I’m fed up with seeing the same game,
Seeing a picture with a dame
Kissing another dame
Just to be in the fashion lane!
You’re so lame!
You people don’t really exist,
You just hope to resist
When i give you a taste of my fist!
I don’t like violence
So i want you to make silence
And sit in front of me like a mime
When i commit crime through rhyme!

Un răspuns

  1. suna mai bine ce-mi recitai in lift… alea alea… cu femeile sa ne s… de p… alea alea…
    ia mai zi-le, loredana!

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